Access Entertainment Group

Access Entertainment Group

Access Entertainment Group greatly improved its booking of talent thanks to Kidder Entertainment who helped make it happen. Kidder Entertainment’s engaging attitude towards customers and industry people alike brought a great new business result to our company. Their expertise in the field of music enabled our company to produce more leads than we have had in years.

Kidder Entertainment’s main benefit came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the talent and the buyers at every event. This testimonial for Kidder Entertainment clearly demonstrates their value to our company while they were in contract with us.

Kidder Entertainment’s dedication, creativity, and client skills from growing our media presence, to public relation activities, to conceiving of and managing the successful bookings, we couldn’t be happier with what Kidder Entertainment did for us. I would highly recommend Kidder Entertainment for any assignment that your company would need.

Testimony provided by James Bruce owner and founder of Access Entertainment Group since 1989.